Sabtu, 02 Juni 2012

Confirmation of order letter

Confirmation of Order

Jalan Papandayan No. 14
Bandung 20001

                                                        Purchase Order                                                      No. 3567

To : International Garment Corporation of Indonesia
Jalan Panglima Polem No. 21
Surabaya                                                                                                  Date : 2 May 2012

QTY :  Please supply :            Catalogue                 Price                           Total
                   Item                          No :                      per unit
                                                                                          $                                 $
300   :   Towel                              245                      Rp.  25.000,-              Rp.    7.500.000,-
200   :   Blanket                           176                       Rp.  30.000,-              Rp.    6.000.000,-
100   :   Bed cover                       310                       Rp.  50.000,-              Rp.    5.000.000,-
200   :   Napkin                           192                       Rp.  10.000,-              Rp.    2.000.000,-
                                                 Total                                                       Rp. 20.500.000,-
Delivery date                              Terms                   For.     Bandung Continental Hotel
5 June 2012                               30 days
Receipt                              Walter D. Spencer

Rabu, 18 April 2012

sales letter



Jln. Panglima Polem Raya No. 21

Surabaya 10012

Ref : AF/LG/147

5thApril, 2012

Mr. Walter D. Spencer

Purchase Manager

Bandung Continental Hotel

14 Jln. Papandayan

Bandung 20001

Jawa Barat

Dear Mr. Walter,

We have a pleasure in sending you our latest catalogue, price-list, and terms of payment of our products.

We would particularly like to draw your attention to our new towel which is specially designed for hotel guests that you will find in our catalogue we enclose.

In addition, we are offering you 15% discount on all orders above Rp 15,000,000.00.

We hope you will be pleased with our latest catalogue we send you and look forward to receiving your first order.

Yours sincerely,

Achmad Faroby

Marketing Manager

Enc. 3

Selasa, 13 Maret 2012

Tugas mata kuliah B.inggris


17 International Boulevard

New York, NY 12007

Your Ref : LA/LL/2 23rd July 2012

Our Ref : GT/SB/16

Mr. William Reed

Purchase Manager

261 Jln. Mahkota Raya

Jakarta, Indonesia 12001

Dear Mr. William

Thank you for your letter of 15th july, inquiring about our latest catalogue, price-list and terms of payment. We have pleasure in enclosing our latest catalogue, price-list and terms of payment together with samples of our promotional gifts.

We hope you will find our prices and terms satisfactory and look forward to receivieng your trial order.

Yours sincerely

Richard T. Mann

Marketing Manager




135 Ribbon Street

Indiana polis, Indiana 34087

Your Ref : TL/TT/2B 23rd July, 2012

Our Ref : BT/LB/12

Mr. Allan Mc. Donald

Purchase Manager

Maphilindo Office Equipment Inc

12 Fifth Boulevard

New York, NY 12098

Dear Mr. Allan,

Re: Purchase order No. 234 DC

We are pleased to advise you of the despatch of your order No. 234Dc, which was collected this morning for transport by Holland National Freight. The bill, Insurance certificate and invoice for freight charge and insurance are enclosed.

We look forward to receivieng your next order in the future.

Yours Sincerely,

Richard T. Jackson

Sales Manager

Enc. 3


Insurance certificate

Invoice for freight charge